Alaskan Fairytales is so glad to be up and open on our website!!!!

We are so thankful to Mattie. She has been such a great help in getting the website started and ready for sales. The shop is moving right along. We have some new stained glass from Troy Carstens and some great earrings by my family. We have been very busy creating new artwork during the pandemic for the shop. I can't wait to show you what we have made! Greg hasn't left his new Glowforge laser cutter except to eat and sleep. He is very focused on his craft.

Stop in and check out the now painting gallery. It takes you back in time. Groovy baby Groovy! I have been at the shop painting some samples and getting my summer fun on. Let the lemons and flamingos paintings reign.

I am thinking about starting up a painting night for Teen Night, Date Night, Ladies Night and Family Night. What do you think about those nights? I was thinking I would make it every Friday night and just alternate the night.

First Friday of the month it would be the Family Night at my shop until I have a restaurant or a bar that is willing to host it for the summer. That is the $30 painting night.

The second Friday would be Date Night and we would do some fun paintings or some ceramics. 

The third Friday would be Ladies Night and that would be wild and wonderful. Bring your girlfriends and have a blast painting!!

Finally the last Thursday being Teen Night since they have Teen Night at the library on Fridays!