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Billi and Greg Clem are both artists who have lived in Skagway over 20 years. They have made it their mission to help other Alaskan artists become recognized and appreciated for their art. We do have some amazing talent in Alaska! Please take a look around and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Our Beautiful Little Paradise called Skagway

Made in Alaska Ulu pocket knife

For that knife collector or that person that loves the great outdoors. This knife can do everything. I use mine for trimming threads when I sew and when I am out fishing. It is a fabulous all purpose knife. You will only find these traditionally in Alaska. Each one is different and the handles are made from different materials. Check ou the Ulu section.


The Billiken is a mythical good-­luck figure who represents "things as they ought to be." She or he is a figure who was reproduced as bone dolls, hatpins, belt buckles, and salt and pepper shakers in Alaska. I think they are super cute and they are made right here in Alaska and I consider them especially cute and lucky because my name is Billi!

Alaska Made Story Totems

The Alaska Black Diamond totem-poles are all hand-carved, each one a handcrafted piece of art. The yellow cedar, only found in Southeast Alaska, is gathered and processed in Ward Cove Alaska. Each one of these beautifully carved story totems comes with its own story that is written out and attached to the totem.

Made In Alaska

Lots of Great Looks are Made in Alaska and Very Affordable.

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The most unique and attractive lumberjack hat for my new grandson and my daughter in law loved it!!!


My new apron is so beautiful that I almost don't want to wear it in the kitchen.

Brenda Lee

My new sheephorn pocket ulu is sharp and useful. I am very impressed with the craftsmanship.

Jim Lang

Felicity Rae Jones Artwork

DIY Weaving Sets

Sue Coccia Tea Towels